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22 Oct 2014PrayerClaude SuttonFaith
19 Oct 2014Sun PMClaude Sutton2 JohnTruth's Sake
19 Oct 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton1 John 5:1-5Overcoming
15 Oct 2014PrayerJason KingActs 9How is your Reputation
8 Oct 2014PrayerClaude SuttonHebrews 11:5-6Enoch
5 Oct 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonZephaniah 6:12Volume of the Book - Zephaniah part 2
5 Oct 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonZephaniah 3:15-17Volume of the Book - Zephaniah
1 Oct 2014PrayerClaude Sutton1 Peter 4:7-10Things to Do in These Times
28 Sep 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonHaggaiThe Volume of the Book - Haggai
28 Sep 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton2 PeterThe Volume of the Book - 2 Peter
24 Sep 2014PrayerClaude SuttonJohn 12:23Disipleship
21 Sep 2014Sun PMMonty MartinSunday School singing and preaching
21 Sep 2014Sun AMMonty MartinJames 2Sunday School singing and preaching
21 Sep 2014SeminarMonty MartinSunday School singing and preaching
17 Sep 2014PrayerClaude Sutton2 Peter 1:5-10The Volume of the Book - Habakkuk
14 Sep 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonHabakkukThe Volume of the Book - Habakkuk
14 Sep 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonThe Volume of the Book - 1 Peter
10 Sep 2014PrayerJames Andersonno title
7 Sep 2014Sun AMJohnny LeslieNo Man Cared for My Sou
3 Sep 2014PrayerClaude Sutton Christian Character of Brotherly Kindness
31 Aug 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonFifth Sunday Sining and Preaching
31 Aug 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonColossians 3:17-24Whatsoever Ye Do
27 Aug 2014PrayerClaude Sutton2 Peter 1:5-10The Christian Character of Godliness
24 Aug 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonNahum1:1-3,7The Volume of the Book-Nahum
24 Aug 2014Sun AMAl ReichmanLeviticusBook Ends
24 Aug 2014SeminarAl ReichmanOpen Discussion
20 Aug 2014PrayerClaude Sutton2 Peter 1:5-10The Christian Character of Patience
17 Aug 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonMicahThe Volume of the Book - Micah
17 Aug 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonJonahThe Volume of the Book - Jonah
13 Aug 2014PrayerTyrone BarfieldJoshua 7:1-5,8-12,24-26God is not Happy
10 Aug 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonObadiahThe Volume of the Book Obadiah
10 Aug 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonJames 4:5-10The Volume of the Book James
6 Aug 2014PrayerClaude Sutton2 Peter 1:5-10The Christian Character of Temperance
3 Aug 2014Sun PMRussell KidmanSpiritual Warfare
3 Aug 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonAmos 7:1-9The Volume of the Book-Amos
30 Jul 2014PrayerClaude SuttonThe Christian Character of Knowledge
27 Jul 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonHebrewsThe Volume of the Book - Hebrews part 2
27 Jul 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonHebrewsThe Volume of the Book - Hebrews part 1
23 Jul 2014PrayerClaude SuttonChristian Character of Virtue
20 Jul 2014Sun PMRobert MarvinProverbsThe Fathers Approval
16 Jul 2014PrayerJoshua LindseyThe Lindseys Singing and Preaching
13 Jul 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonJoelThe Volume of the Book - Joel part 2
13 Jul 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonJoelThe Volume of the Book - Joel part 1
6 Jul 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonA Great Nation
2 Jul 2014PrayerClaude SuttonIsaiah1:1-20A Nation Should Consider
29 Jun 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonHoseaThe Volume of the Book - Hosea
29 Jun 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonPhilemonThe Volume of the Book -Philemon
25 Jun 2014PrayerHarold PridaysActs 1:8Shall be Witnesses
22 Jun 2014Sun PMEddie SuttonJudges 7:1-22Stand Strong
22 Jun 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonTitus 1:1-4 2:10-14 3:3-7The Volume of the Book Titus
18 Jun 2014PrayerGeorge SmithNo title
15 Jun 2014Sun PMClaude Sutton Psalm 103:8-14Like As a Father
15 Jun 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonLuke 8:41-42 49-56A Dad Named Jairus
11 Jun 2014PrayerClaude Sutton2 Peter 1:5Christian Character Faith pt 2
8 Jun 2014Sun PMDan KnickerbockerFoolish People
8 Jun 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonEzekielThe Volume of the Book - Ezekiel
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