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28 Aug 2016Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Corinthians 13:11Ensuring Gods Presence
24 Aug 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 11:1-2The Population of Jerusalem
21 Aug 2016Sun PMClaude Sutton1 Corinthians 6:12, 10:23All Things
21 Aug 2016Sun AMClaude SuttonRomans 15:1-7Unselfish Living
17 Aug 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 9:38,10:39.The Covenan
14 Aug 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonActs 16:6-15God's Guidance
14 Aug 2016Sun AMClaude SuttonJohn 10:1-18The Shepherd and the Sheep
10 Aug 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 9:7-38A Review of History
7 Aug 2016Sun AMClaude SuttonGenesis 2:7, 21-22, 3:1-13A Wonderful Mess
31 Jul 2016Sun AMClaude Sutton Luke 6_1:11Lessons on the Lord's Day
27 Jul 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 9:1-8Stand Up and Bless The Lord [2]
24 Jul 2016Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Corinthians 2_9-:2Proving Yourselves
20 Jul 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 9:1-8 Stand Up and Bless The Lord
17 Jul 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonMark 1:9-20Lessons from Jesus
17 Jul 2016Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Corinthians 1:20-24The Now of the Work of God
13 Jul 2016PrayerEddie SuttonJohn 6:66Walking with Jesus
10 Jul 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonRomans 10:13-15Challenge for Missions
10 Jul 2016Sun AMClaude SuttonMatthew 24:42-51The Marks of a Faithful Servan
6 Jul 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 8The Benefits of Reading The Bible [3]
3 Jul 2016Sun PMTony RoaRomans 8:18-21Glorious Liberty
3 Jul 2016Sun AMJames Anderson2 Corinthians 3:12-18The Holy Spirit in the Life of a Christian
29 Jun 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 8The Benefits of Reading The Bible [2]
26 Jun 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonPhilippians 2:1-5United We Stand
22 Jun 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 8The Benefits of Reading The Bible
19 Jun 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonJohn 5:17-30The Father - Son Relationship
15 Jun 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 7What's in a Name
12 Jun 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonPsalm 46The Now of Help
12 Jun 2016Sun AMClaude Sutton1 John 3:1-3The Now of Sonship
8 Jun 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 6Dont Quit
5 Jun 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonHebrews 9:24Now pt 3
5 Jun 2016Sun AMClaude SuttonHebrews 9:26Now pt 2
1 Jun 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 5:14If I were Governor
29 May 2016Sun PMClaude Sutton Psalm 135:13Gods Memorial too
29 May 2016Sun AMClaude SuttonExodus 3:13-17Gods Memorial
25 May 2016PrayerClaude SuttonEphesians 6:1-4Children and Parents
22 May 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonNehemiah 4:1In Spite of Opposition
22 May 2016Sun AMPhillip CrowLuke 16:19-31Pitiful Condition of the Lost
15 May 2016Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Corinthians 6:2Now
11 May 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 4Dealing With Opposition - [2]
8 May 2016Sun AMClaude SuttonLuke 1:27,8:2,10:39Mary- A Good Example
4 May 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 4Dealing With Opposition part 1
1 May 2016Sun PMClaude Sutton Philippians 1:1-11What I'm Thinking About You
1 May 2016Sun AMClaude SuttonPsalm 36The Lovingkindness of God Toward Man
24 Apr 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonJob 12:1-13The Danger Zones and How to Avoid Them
24 Apr 2016Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Corinthians 12:9-10Sufficient Grace
20 Apr 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 3:14Looking at The Gates pt 2
17 Apr 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonPsalm 119:117Hold Thou Me
17 Apr 2016Sun AMClaude SuttonRomans 3:23-26Being Justified Freely pt 4
13 Apr 2016PrayerClaude SuttonNehemiah 3Looking at The Gates pt 1
10 Apr 2016Sun PMClaude SuttonPsalm 34A Behavior Psalm
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