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28 Oct 2015PrayerClaude SuttonGalatians 5:1Declaration
25 Oct 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonGenesis 32:1The Meeting
25 Oct 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonMark 5:1-20Salvation's Picture
21 Oct 2015PrayerClaude SuttonGalations 4:1-10Times
18 Oct 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonGenesis 37:5-11,18-19Dreaming
18 Oct 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonMatthew 22:1-14Are you Dressed for the Wedding
14 Oct 2015PrayerClaude SuttonGalations 3:1-9The Blessings We Have
11 Oct 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonPhillippians 2:6What is in a Name
11 Oct 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonRomans 9:20-21When We Don't Know Why
7 Oct 2015PrayerClaude SuttonGalatians 2:20Lessons for the Christian Life in a Verse
4 Oct 2015Sun PMClint BurdenEzekiel 33The Watchman
30 Sep 2015PrayerClaude SuttonGalatians 1:6-10An Important Warning
27 Sep 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonLuke 19:29-40The Message of the Stones pt
23 Sep 2015PrayerClaude Sutton Galatians 1:13-24Principles from Galatians
20 Sep 2015Sun PMLarry AverittProverbs 24:16Daily Walk with Christ
20 Sep 2015Sun AMEddie SuttonPsalm 46:10Be Still
16 Sep 2015PrayerClaude Sutton1 Thessalonians 3Being An Encouragement
13 Sep 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton Acts 12:1-6Victory Over Trials Pt-2
13 Sep 2015Sun AMClaude Sutton Acts 12:1-6Victory Over Trials Pt-1
9 Sep 2015PrayerClaude SuttonPsalm 33To Rejoice in the Lord
6 Sep 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonMatthew 11:28-30An Invitation to the Laboreer
6 Sep 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonEcclesiastes 1:1-14Vanity
2 Sep 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 18:19-20What Can Two Do
30 Aug 2015Sun PMJoseph ChildersGenesis 22:1-14Here Am I
30 Aug 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonJeremiah 7:1-24What Direction Are You Headed
26 Aug 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 33The Parable of the Leaven PT 3
23 Aug 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonNehemiah 12:27Another Dedication Service
23 Aug 2015Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Chronicles 7:1-5Dedication Service
19 Aug 2015PrayerClaude Sutton2 Chronicles 7:1-5The Parable of the Leaven pt 2
16 Aug 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonHelps For The Church
16 Aug 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonThink About These Things
12 Aug 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 13:33The Parable of The Leaven
9 Aug 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonGenesis 27:35-36The Brother The Birthright and the Blessing
9 Aug 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonRevelation 5:8-14Heavens Song Service
5 Aug 2015PrayerGeorge SmithSong in the Night _ Song in the Light
2 Aug 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonIsaiah 54,55Recovery of the Axe Head
2 Aug 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonEnoch's Message
29 Jul 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 13:31-32The Parable of the Mustard Seed and Birds
26 Jul 2015Sun PMDrew MahaneyIsaiah 6:1-6How do you Respond to God
26 Jul 2015Sun AMClaude Sutton3 JohnLessons Concering Truth
22 Jul 2015PrayerJohnny Leslie2 Timothy 6:6-7Fear Not
19 Jul 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Kings 6:1-6Borrowing
19 Jul 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonLoving One Another
12 Jul 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Kings 6:1-7Lessons from an Axe Head pt2
12 Jul 2015Sun AMClaude Sutton1 John 2:21-28Is it True
8 Jul 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMathew 13:1-23Rejoicing in the Lord
5 Jul 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonPsalm 33Rejoicing in the Lord
5 Jul 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonProverbs 14:34Exalting a Nation
28 Jun 2015Sun PMDonny Brownno title
28 Jun 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonJust a Reminder
24 Jun 2015PrayerClaude SuttonThe Parable of the Two Builders
21 Jun 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Kings 6:1-17Lessons from an Axe Head
21 Jun 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonA Fathers Instruction
17 Jun 2015PrayerClaude SuttonJudas
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