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17 May 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonHebrews 12:1-3Running the Race
17 May 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonPhilemon 1:1-7Things to Encourage the Church
13 May 2015PrayerClaude Sutton John 14:22-3Judas - not Iscariot - but the brother of James
29 Apr 2015PrayerDavid WarrenSinging and Preaching
26 Apr 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonEphesians 5:17-18Understanding Gods Wil
26 Apr 2015Sun AMDervin SpearsRev 1:8Having a Divine Nature
26 Apr 2015Sun AMDervin SpearsRev 1:8Prophet_Preist_King
22 Apr 2015PrayerCarl JohnsonMatthew 9:36-38Team Work
19 Apr 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonPsalm 12:1Help Lord
19 Apr 2015Sun AMClaude Sutton1 Timothy 1:8-9Know This
15 Apr 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 4:18-22John the Apostle
12 Apr 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Thessalonians 3:1-5Daily Dependence on the Lord
12 Apr 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonMatthew 10:4Glorified in the Saints
8 Apr 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 10:4Simon Zelotes
5 Apr 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonMatthew 28:1-6, John 20:1-10 19:23Becasue Jesus is Risen
1 Apr 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 9:9, Mark 2:14, Luke 5:27 Matthew or Levi the son of Alphaeus
29 Mar 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton1 Samuel 26:12Danger of Being Asleep
29 Mar 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonRomans 5:1-12Access by Faith
25 Mar 2015PrayerClaude SuttonNathanael or Bartholomew
22 Mar 2015Sun PMRichard GuayThus Sayeth the Lord
22 Mar 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonAccess by Faith
18 Mar 2015PrayerLarry AverittDo You Believe He is Coming Again
15 Mar 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonJohn 1:43-46Philip
15 Mar 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonThe Impact of the Gospel
11 Mar 2015PrayerJosh LeslieNever Allow
8 Mar 2015Sun PMPaul ShearinBro Paul Shearin
8 Mar 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonTithes and Offerings
6 Mar 2015ConferenceWayne GrissomMissionary Tim Guenther
5 Mar 2015ConferenceTim GuentherMissionary Tim Guenther
4 Mar 2015PrayerTravis LewisMissionary Travis Lewis
1 Mar 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton Instructions for Daily Living
1 Mar 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonPhilippians 4:1-5Having A Strong Church
25 Feb 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 16_13:17The Apostles - Peter
22 Feb 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonGallatians 5:16-25Contrary Life Styles
22 Feb 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonEphesians 2:1-10The Biography of a Christian
18 Feb 2015PrayerClaude SuttonJohn 1:35-40The Apostles - Andrew
15 Feb 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Kings 9:1-12The Mad Preacher
15 Feb 2015Sun AMClaude Sutton1 John 4_7:21GOD'S Love
11 Feb 2015PrayerClaude SuttonLuke 6:13The Apostles Part 1
8 Feb 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Samuel 11:27It is Easy
8 Feb 2015Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Corinthians 4:1-5Serving Christ
4 Feb 2015PrayerClaude Sutton1 Samuel 17The Real Champion
1 Feb 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonProverbs 6:6-11The Sluggard and The Ant
28 Jan 2015PrayerClaude SuttonRomans 13:11-14What Time Is It?
25 Jan 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonProverbs 6:6-11The Sluggard and the Ant
25 Jan 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonActs 17:16-18, 31-34Reactions to the Resurrection
21 Jan 2015PrayerClaude Sutton1 Samuel 12:16-24Prayer
18 Jan 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonEzra 7:10-12At Such A Time
18 Jan 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonJohn 1:6-14What Will You Do With Jesus
14 Jan 2015PrayerClaude SuttonLuke 10:1-2A Verse for Ministry
11 Jan 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonMark 1:9-20Lessons from Jesus Part 2
11 Jan 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonMark 1:9-20 Lessons frmo Jesus
7 Jan 2015PrayerClaude SuttonProverbs 3:5-6Thoughts from Proverbs for the Future
21 Dec 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonMatthew 12:33Christmas Tree Christians
21 Dec 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonPhilippians 2:9-11The Name Above Every Name
17 Dec 2014PrayerClaude SuttonHebrews 11:23-29Faith of Moses
14 Dec 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonLuke 2:8-20Christmas Time
14 Dec 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonLuke 1:46-56A Christmas Song
10 Dec 2014PrayerClaude SuttonHebrews 11:11Faith of Sarah
7 Dec 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonExodus 32:17-35Dealing With So Great A Sin
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