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15 Jun 2014Sun PMClaude Sutton Psalm 103:8-14Like As a Father
15 Jun 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonLuke 8:41-42 49-56A Dad Named Jairus
11 Jun 2014PrayerClaude Sutton2 Peter 1:5Christian Character Faith pt 2
8 Jun 2014Sun PMDan KnickerbockerFoolish People
8 Jun 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonEzekielThe Volume of the Book - Ezekiel
4 Jun 2014PrayerClaude Sutton2 Peter 1:5-11Christian Character
1 Jun 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonDaniel 3:23-25The Volume of the Book-Daniel
1 Jun 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton Ezekil 16:1-14The Volume of the Book- Ezekil
28 May 2014Sun PMPhillip Crow Sowing and Reaping
28 May 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton2 TimothyThe Volume of the Book - 2 Timothy part 2
28 May 2014PrayerClaude SuttonChristian Character
21 May 2014PrayerDavid SniderLiving for Christ
18 May 2014Sun PMClaude Sutton2 TimothyThe Volume of the Book - 2 Timothy
18 May 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton1 TimothyThe Volume of the Book - 2 Timothy
14 May 2014PrayerClaude SuttonAbiding in Christ
11 May 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonMatthew 15:21-288A Mothers Faith
11 May 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonGenesis 3:20Mothers Honor
7 May 2014PrayerClaude SuttonUntitled
4 May 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonLamentationsThe Volume of the Book - Lamentations
4 May 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton2 ThessaloniansThe Volume of the Book - 2 Thessalonians
30 Apr 2014PrayerClaude SuttonActs 8:5-25A Right Hear
27 Apr 2014Sun PMJeff LedbetterPsalm 22:1-6The Wonder of the Worm
27 Apr 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton1 Thessalonianshe Volume of the Book 1 Thessalonians
23 Apr 2014PrayerClaude SuttonPsalm 27:1-3Confident Christians
20 Apr 2014Sun PMClaude Sutton1 Corinthians 11:23The Lords Supper
20 Apr 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonMark 16_:-15He is Risen
29 Jan 2014PrayerClaude SuttonA Well Done Church
26 Jan 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonEster 4:14The Volume of the Books Ester
26 Jan 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton1 CorinthiansThe Volume of the Books 1 Corinthians
22 Jan 2014PrayerClaude SuttonPhilippians 3:1-10Things That Keep The Christian Safe
19 Jan 2014Sun PMClaude Sutton1 CorinthiansThe Volume of the Book - 1 Corinthians Part 2
19 Jan 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton1 CorinthiansThe Volume of the Book - 1 Corinthians
15 Jan 2014PrayerClaude Sutton An Influential Life
12 Jan 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonNehemiahThe Volume of the Book - Nehemiah
12 Jan 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonRomansThe Volume of the Book - Romans
8 Jan 2014PrayerClaude SuttonLiving for Christ
5 Jan 2014Sun PMTom KnickerbockerHow Are We To Follow Jesus
5 Jan 2014Sun AMTom KnickerbockerThe Just Shall Live By Faith
29 Dec 2013Sun AMTom KnickerbockerGod is interested in saving the world
29 Dec 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonMark 1_35:45Following Jesus
25 Dec 2013PrayerClaude Sutton Acts 5:42The Teaching and Preaching About Jesus
22 Dec 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonGalatians 4:4-9The Change Christmas Made
22 Dec 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonIsaiah 7:14Christmas is
18 Dec 2013PrayerClaude SuttonBe's for the Brethren
15 Dec 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonEzraThe Volume of the Book - Ezra
8 Dec 2013Sun PMJames AndersonMatthew 1:18-25Remember The Reason for the Season
4 Dec 2013PrayerClaude Sutton2 Chronicles 12:18-19The Same
1 Dec 2013Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Chronicles 15:3Steps to Apostasy
1 Dec 2013Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Chronicles 15_2A Picture of the Fellowship with the Lord
22 Sep 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonRuth 2The Volume of the Book - Ruth
18 Sep 2013PrayerClaude SuttonThe Work of the Holy Spirit
15 Sep 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonJudgesThe Volume of the Book - Judges
15 Sep 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonJoshuaThe Volume of the Book - Joshua
11 Sep 2013PrayerClaude SuttonA Song of Victory
8 Sep 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonDeuteronomyThe Volume of the Book - Deuteronomy
8 Sep 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonNumbersThe Volume of the Book - Numbers
4 Sep 2013PrayerClaude SuttonGod's Comfort
1 Sep 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonLeviticusThe Volume of the Book - Leviticus Part 2
1 Sep 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonLeviticusThe Volume of the Book - Leviticus
28 Aug 2013PrayerClaude SuttonExodus 25:8The Volume of the Book - The Tabernacle Exodus 25:8
25 Aug 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonExodusThe Volume of the Book - Exodus
25 Aug 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonGenesis 3:15, Hebrews 10:7The Volume of the Book - Genesis
21 Aug 2013PrayerClaude SuttonIThess 4_13, 5_11The Comfort of the Words
18 Aug 2013Sun PMJosh AllredMark 1:16-20no title
18 Aug 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonPsalm 84:4:5,12Blessed
14 Aug 2013PrayerClaude SuttonGalatians 5:13-25 Right Living
11 Aug 2013Sun PMClaude Sutton1 Kings 14:1-10You Can't Fool God
11 Aug 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonEphesians 3:11-13ABCs of Faith Prt3
7 Aug 2013PrayerClaude SuttonLuke 17:1-10We Have Done Our Duty
4 Aug 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonEphesians 3-12A B C's of Faith
16 Jun 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonIsaiah 38-1_6 9 15_20The Father to the Children
16 Jun 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonMatthew6-1_6 16_18Secret Service
12 Jun 2013PrayerClaude Sutton2 Corinthians 8What Does Giving Prove
9 Jun 2013Sun PMLarry AverittI Chronicles 4:10Praying For Each Other
9 Jun 2013Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Corinthians 8What Does Giving Prove
29 May 2013PrayerClaude SuttonThe Body of Christ The Church
26 May 2013Sun PMJohnny LeslieColossians 3:1-4Where Are Your Affections
26 May 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonA Memorial
22 May 2013PrayerClaude SuttonThe Body of Christ The Church
19 May 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonI Corinthians 12;8-27Church Members
19 May 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonI John 4:7-19The Description of Love
12 May 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonMatthew 5A Higher Standard
12 May 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonHannah A Godly Mother
8 May 2013PrayerClaude SuttonProverbs8:12Prudence
5 May 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonII JohnEssentials_for_Effectiveness
5 May 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonHumility
28 Apr 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonProverbs 21:4Overcoming Pride
28 Apr 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonMatthew 5:17-20Teaching about the Word
26 Apr 2013RevivalJeff LedbetterI Corinthians 13:12Face to Face Gide-on part 3
25 Apr 2013RevivalJeff LedbetterI Corinthians 13:12Face to Face Gideon Part 2
24 Apr 2013RevivalJeff Ledbetter I Corinthians 13:12Face to Face Gideon
23 Apr 2013RevivalJeff LedbetterFace to Face - Moses part 2
22 Apr 2013RevivalJeff LedbetterI Corinthians 13:12Face to Face With Moses
21 Apr 2013RevivalJeff LedbetterI Corinthians 13:12Face to Face
21 Apr 2013RevivalJeff LedbetterI Corinthians 13:12Come out with your Hands
17 Apr 2013PrayerClaude SuttonProverbs 21:4Pride
14 Apr 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonBackward Not Forward
14 Apr 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonSalt and Light
10 Apr 2013PrayerClaude SuttonThoughts
7 Apr 2013Sun PMPeter AntonesiRedeeming The Time
7 Apr 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonThe Last Beatitude
3 Apr 2013PrayerJoshua LindseySinging And Preaching An Elite Set Of Men
31 Mar 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonA Message Of The Resurrection
27 Mar 2013PrayerClaude SuttonThat Completes It
24 Mar 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonAnd From Jesus
24 Mar 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonUnderstanding Palm Sunday
20 Mar 2013PrayerClaude SuttonLiving So As Not To Be Moved
17 Mar 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonMatthew 5The Diplomats and the Designation Part 2
17 Mar 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonMatthew 5:9The Diplomats and the Designation
13 Mar 2013PrayerClaude SuttonIsaiah 58:2The Nation the Church Should Be
10 Mar 2013Sun PMDan KnickerbockerThe High Cost of Loving
10 Mar 2013Sun AMDan Knickerbocker7 Laws of Stewardship
8 Mar 2013Seminar HernandezPrayer
7 Mar 2013SeminarJason HarvellActs 10;1-6God's Plan for Missions
6 Mar 2013Seminar. SanchezServing the Lord Now
6 Mar 2013Prayer. SanchezServing The Lord Now
3 Mar 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonA Mission Encouragement
3 Mar 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonThe Promise And The Pure
27 Feb 2013PrayerClaude SuttonThings That We Should Take
24 Feb 2013Sun PMScott HolcombIf Every Church Member Was Just Like Me
24 Feb 2013Sun AMClaude SuttonOur God
20 Feb 2013Sun PMClaude SuttonRomans 16:25-26The Importance Of Preaching Jesus
20 Feb 2013PrayerClaude SuttonRomans 16The Importance of Preaching Jesus
28 Nov 2012PrayerClaude SuttonHappyness Part 2
14 Nov 2012PrayerClaude SuttonThankful
11 Nov 2012Sun PMClaude Sutton Which One Is Our Church
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