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8 Mar 2015Sun PMPaul ShearinBro Paul Shearin
8 Mar 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonTithes and Offerings
6 Mar 2015ConferenceWayne GrissomMissionary Tim Guenther
5 Mar 2015ConferenceTim GuentherMissionary Tim Guenther
4 Mar 2015PrayerTravis LewisMissionary Travis Lewis
1 Mar 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton Instructions for Daily Living
1 Mar 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonPhilippians 4:1-5Having A Strong Church
25 Feb 2015PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 16_13:17The Apostles - Peter
22 Feb 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonGallatians 5:16-25Contrary Life Styles
22 Feb 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonEphesians 2:1-10The Biography of a Christian
18 Feb 2015PrayerClaude SuttonJohn 1:35-40The Apostles - Andrew
15 Feb 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Kings 9:1-12The Mad Preacher
15 Feb 2015Sun AMClaude Sutton1 John 4_7:21GOD'S Love
11 Feb 2015PrayerClaude SuttonLuke 6:13The Apostles Part 1
8 Feb 2015Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Samuel 11:27It is Easy
8 Feb 2015Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Corinthians 4:1-5Serving Christ
4 Feb 2015PrayerClaude Sutton1 Samuel 17The Real Champion
1 Feb 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonProverbs 6:6-11The Sluggard and The Ant
28 Jan 2015PrayerClaude SuttonRomans 13:11-14What Time Is It?
25 Jan 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonProverbs 6:6-11The Sluggard and the Ant
25 Jan 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonActs 17:16-18, 31-34Reactions to the Resurrection
21 Jan 2015PrayerClaude Sutton1 Samuel 12:16-24Prayer
18 Jan 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonEzra 7:10-12At Such A Time
18 Jan 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonJohn 1:6-14What Will You Do With Jesus
14 Jan 2015PrayerClaude SuttonLuke 10:1-2A Verse for Ministry
11 Jan 2015Sun PMClaude SuttonMark 1:9-20Lessons from Jesus Part 2
11 Jan 2015Sun AMClaude SuttonMark 1:9-20 Lessons frmo Jesus
7 Jan 2015PrayerClaude SuttonProverbs 3:5-6Thoughts from Proverbs for the Future
21 Dec 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonMatthew 12:33Christmas Tree Christians
21 Dec 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonPhilippians 2:9-11The Name Above Every Name
17 Dec 2014PrayerClaude SuttonHebrews 11:23-29Faith of Moses
14 Dec 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonLuke 2:8-20Christmas Time
14 Dec 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonLuke 1:46-56A Christmas Song
10 Dec 2014PrayerClaude SuttonHebrews 11:11Faith of Sarah
7 Dec 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonExodus 32:17-35Dealing With So Great A Sin
7 Dec 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonGalatians 5:16-25Principles For Real Christians Living
3 Dec 2014PrayerClaude SuttonHebrews 11:8-10, 17-19Faith of Abraham
30 Nov 2014Sun PMAndrew McClureMissionary to Palau
30 Nov 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonGalatians 1:13-24Prinnciples for real Christians Living
23 Nov 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonActs 20:18At all Seasons
23 Nov 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonPsalm 113Praise the Lord
19 Nov 2014RevivalJeff Ledbetter2 Corinthians 4:15-16Day by Day Part 3
19 Nov 2014RevivalPhillip CrowAll Things Through Christ
18 Nov 2014RevivalJeff Ledbetter2 Corinthians 4:15-16Day by Day Part 2
18 Nov 2014RevivalPhillip CrowPayday Some Day
17 Nov 2014RevivalJeff Ledbetter2 Corinthians 4:15-16Day by Day Part 1
17 Nov 2014RevivalPhillip CrowAmbassadors for Christ
16 Nov 2014Sun PMPhillip CrowUnintended Consequences
16 Nov 2014Sun AMPhillip CrowHe is Still in the Fire
12 Nov 2014PrayerLarry McKinney Isaiah 6Here am I Lord send me
9 Nov 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonExpectations
9 Nov 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonRevelationThe Volume of the Book - Revelation
5 Nov 2014PrayerClaude SuttonNoah
2 Nov 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonThoughts from an Old Man
2 Nov 2014Sun AMClaude SuttonMalachiThe Volume of the Book - Malachi
29 Oct 2014PrayerGeorge Smith1 Timothy 4:16Where do you Stand
26 Oct 2014Sun PMClaude SuttonJude 1:24-25The Volume of the Book - Jude 24-25
26 Oct 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton3 JohnThe Volume of the Book - 3 John
22 Oct 2014PrayerClaude SuttonFaith
19 Oct 2014Sun PMClaude Sutton2 JohnTruth's Sake
19 Oct 2014Sun AMClaude Sutton1 John 5:1-5Overcoming
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